Friday, May 14

rainbow tidy

The other night I got the urge to organise my scrap bags.  They were getting a bit out of control and really all i did was to shove them into a plastic bag and the more fabric I buy, the more scraps I have.  I tend to keep most of my scraps (as you never know when you are going to need that tiny bit of fabric) but I knew I needed a better system.

Enter basket and bits of cardboard cut to form a grid and some sorting of colour and voila - a rainbow scrap basket!

Now it's easier to see what I've got and if I need an orange or blue to red bit of fabric it's at the tip of my finger - oh and I just love looking at it!

Got a fabric organisation tip??  If so i would love to hear it...


  1. What a fab idea! I sort mine into small enough to cover a button, small enough for a yoyo and....then end up stuffing it all in the same shoeboxes. Like your system...might need to give it a whirl. Hope you have a lovely (and organised!) weekend :)

  2. what a wonderful idea! i desperately need to do the same, you've inspired me : )
    ps you won my giveaway brenda so when you get a sec could you please email me your address and i'll pop your pressie in the post. cheers leanne : )

  3. I love this idea so much!
    I think I might get my kids to make me one this afternoon.
    Thanks for the idea.

  4. wow, looking tidy - mine are all just shoved in a draw and i have to pull them all out when making something!

  5. Hmm yes I've been thinking about scrap sorting too, ended up opting for cutting into different sized square scraps that could be made into hexagons of different sizes. Perhaps I'll also get some ziplock bags and sort into colours within the sizes...


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