Tuesday, May 4

Paula's Tarte tatin

My daughter loves apples!  Just loves them!  The problem being is that she takes little nibbles or sometimes a few bites out of an apple and then thats it....sometimes I cut them up later on and they get eaten but last night I noticed I had a fruit bowl full of nibbled apples!  So I quickly decided to make Paula's Tarte Tatin! I have attempted this dessert about 2 years ago and failed miserably but with Paula's delightful tips along the way (which she will be pleased to know I followed exactly) I had success, and she is right - four ingredients - easy peasy lemon squeazy!

Take a look!

For the recipe check out Paula's blog


  1. Hi Brenda what a great looking feast ! Thankyou for taking the time this morning to comment on my blog , I really do appreciate it !

  2. Looks so good! Would love to make one of these..are they tricky? Thanks for your super lovely comment...I got all teary! So nice to know that someone out there is enjoying my blathering on!! :)

  3. you are my biggest fan !!!!!!! and I love you for it x check out the lemon bars recipe I just put up, I know you are always looking for ways to use up those gifted lemons x


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