Wednesday, May 4

up up and away........

Little boys love to dream they can superman!  And I'm sure they'd all be good superhero's and protect their toys from villains and baddies.

Well, I'm lucky enough to know a little Super-hero that just celebrated his 2nd Birthday and with a little discussion with his gorgeous mumma prior, we came up with a little idea that I could make for him.

So with a little help from my friend Tar-get, a bit more help from other friend Spotlight and of course lets not forget my newest and dearest partner in crime, Ms Janome, we set off to work on this super inspired but not too outlandish that mumma will cringe if he wants to wear it day-in-day out!

Once I made one for him, i couldn't help but think he needed to have a superhero mate, a side-kick, so i quickly whipped up another for his big brother!

Quite a simple design really.  I  chose to attach the cape to the t-shirt with vintage buttons rather than permanently sew it on.  These super-heros need breaks too you know!

Have fun flying around the neighbourhood boys! 
Happy Birthday Billy
Love your mates down the road


  1. awesome, my boy would LOVE this xx

  2. GREAT idea - they look like that fabulous rare beast, a garment to please both mama and child. You (and your friends) did a fantastic job. Oh, Spotlight is a friend of mine too!

  3. amazing amazing amazing the two superheros are running around like mad things, loving every moment, and thanks for the cute eggs :)

  4. Clever you. I think this is brilliant. Any little boy would be pleased as punch. x

  5. brilliant idea. any boy would love that.

  6. These are just fantastic Brenda! I'm super impressed ;)

  7. What a super idea...oh dear, cringe worthy pun! You are such a clever cookie. He must have loved it! Mira Narnie market stall here they come I do believe. Would sell up a storm. Hope all is lovely :) x x

  8. No way...even a cape! You are THE BEST!! They are going to love it!!

  9. Absolutely love these! Do you mind if we are copycats???

  10. LOVE! Gonna have to have a go at that x


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