Sunday, March 6

fancy pants @ sugar and spice...

Oh what a glorious day today!  Finally some sunshine on my face and probably the last chance to frock up in some summer gear...

So I took the chance and wore this little dress that I haven't worn that much over summer (mainly due to a lack of appropriate weather!)

The family headed off today to Woodend for a day out.  We stopped past the Sugar and Spice Children's Market and then made our way down to a great adventure park for a play and picnic I'd packed in the morning.

We all had a lovely day out and I snapped up some gorgeous items at the Market

One of which is this adorable necklace my daughter is modelling (minus her leggings but added mummy's shoes!) It's from Natasha at Piper & Lilly and as soon as I saw her little stall I recognised the label and mentioned that I follow her blog.  Natasha replied that she recognised my ring!!  hah!

 My daughter was is an exceptionally photographic mode today and kept asking for more pictures, so I took the opportunity to snap a few of the both of us!

HUBBY; top - polo ralph lauren top, hat- bought at a market,
ME; Dress - on sale at target for $20, shoes; Betts, hat (top pic) from Asos, cardi (top pic) Review.
DAUGHTER; Top - target, necklace - Piper & Lilly

Joining in with this lovely gorgeous fancy girl!



  1. You seriously look so gorgeous. Can't believe the dress is from Target. And your daughter is too cute modelling in your shoes! How'd the hat arrive? I'd be worried that they'd get squished in the mail.

  2. It was lovely to meet you today! And your little one looks lovely in her new necklace! xx

  3. Great photos! I am off to that adventure park with 2 of my boys tomorrow. It is fantastic isn't it!?!

  4. gorgeous dress!! how great was the weather today!!
    That necklace is fab too - what a funny thing, bumping into a blogger you follow...I bet it made your day :-)
    have a great week

  5. You met little love?! Lucky duck!

    Love that dress. It's a winner. x

  6. loving those pics in mum's shoes ;) Great dress too! Hopefully we might get a few more sunny days before the end of the month, if today is anything to go by! The weekend weather was stunning and a perfect day to go to Woodend.

  7. She looks gorgeous! But not surprising when you have a gander at Mumma and Daddy! What a stunning pair you make. That dress looks so really suit florals and those muted colours!! Hope you had a wonderful sunny day with you lovelies :) x x

  8. You look gorgeous as usual. And hubby is looking very dapper. But that girl of yours... she is divine! I love how she's modelling your beautiful new necklace (which I love!). And fancy meeting a blogger who you follow?? Glad the weather was warm enough for a gorgeous summer dress! Thank you Melbourne! xx


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