Sunday, March 20

fancy pants - dinner guests

I love cooking, so when we have people over for dinner it's a lovely excuse to take some time to think about the menu and cook some wonderful food.

Last night, we had some friends for dinner.  I was so focused on cooking and preparing that I didn't really think of what to wear until just before they arrived.

I decided quickly on my new fab little jersey pencil skirt from asos and teamed with an oldie but a goodie top from Portmans that I picked up five or so years ago.  This top is lovely and feminine, accentuating curves and the bold print I've always adored.

teamed with my cute little patent wedge shoes - I was in the hostess spirit!  I shoved the camera in my hubby's hand and said "quick, take some snaps for fancy pants!!"  Needless to say I got a weird look in return, but he obliged and snapped away...

Dinner went off with a bang and we chatted the night away!  Tomorrow I'll post my dinner menu...

Did you get all fancy this week?  If so, link up with this fabulous gal....

WEARING; Skirt - asos, Top - Portmans, Shoes - Miss Shop, Earrings - gift from Italy.



  1. The pencil skirt is perfect for you, Bren. I'm glad you had such a great night and I'll look forward to seeing what you dished up!! x

  2. Love it, you're so gorgeous Brenda, the whole dinner party thing - love it, way better than a restaurant & we invite children too to flop asleep on the lounge, ahhhhh, love Posie

  3. Ooooh, I love your pencil skirt, those cute wedges and that top! You can work so many different looks. And I love that big smile most of all! Can't wait to see tomorrow's post and see what you made. (Your hubby is so cute obliging to take your photos!) What a keeper! xx

  4. Great outfit Brenda - it really suits you. (And I love your chairs in the background too!).

  5. Oh you stunner!!! That outfit is gorgeous!! And topped off with that beautiful smile I bet hubby happily took photos so he could "check you out" for a bit longer!! Big hugs :) x x

  6. I can't believe you just threw that outfit together!! You look stunning. And the shoes are the bees knees - gorgeous :-)


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