Thursday, March 10

my creative space...{loving the Berry}

....and my this I mean, loving Joel Dewberry - the fabric designer!

I love his designs and flare for creating amazing themes and combinations and pattern and colour.  His approach has been referred to as modern eclectic and I can see why.  I love that some patterns are lovely, soft and floaty, whilst others use strong, bold and geometric lines.

When I was motivated to make some fresh couch cushions, I popped off to my favourite fabric store, GJ's discount fabics and perused the designer collection they have in vast amounts.  I settled on Joel's range due to the beautiful colours (not too girly),  pattern and how they could compliment the rest of the room.

I cheated a little and only used the fabric for the front of the cushion, opting for just a plain navy poplin for the back, thus making my dollar stretch further. I inserted a plain zipper for easy removal if grubby little hands find their way towards these new additions.  I have two more cushions to make, the last being a geometrical print in just white and and that soft sage green.

I love how a new splash of colour can brighten up a room and lift your mood.

Now get cozy for more creative folk here!


  1. I'm generally not a huge fan of the graphic pattern, but these are something else! I made cushion covers (yes, me, myself, I made cushion covers) a whie back with a bold pattern and not a day goes by that I don't wish I'd used something simpler. But, of course, because they are miracle cushion covers, I can't bring myself to change them. x

  2. I LOVE them, the colours are gorgeous!

  3. WOW Brenda these are soo awesome. I love the fabric choices. Now I'm tempted to go buy some of his fabric... heh heh

  4. They are gorgeous, yes, Joel Dewberry has great patterns & colours, love Posie

  5. Gorgeous covers!!

  6. I love them! Wanna make some for me?

  7. those are fab - love them on the black couch!

  8. Oh these are stunning! Such gorgeous colour so why would I be surprised that the queen of colour combos would have chosen these! They really look lovely :) x x


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