Saturday, March 26

I'm grateful for.....{unexpected loving}

I'm an emotive person - most of the time.  I wear my heart on my sleeve, I'm expressive and will cry at the sight of a sad commercial.  I love laughing with others, and pondering with intrigue at hearing an interesting tale.  That's me, that's who I am.

Joining in with the ever ingtriguing Maxabella Loves.... (over at And Then There was Four)

Today I'm grateful for......

 Hearing those sweet little unexpected words from my three special people....yep....without coaxing or requesting.

1.   "Mum, I love you big massive all the way up to the sky" as he stops to give me a cuddle one day.....

2.   "Oh mum, you look beaud-i-foll today" she says as I buckle her in the car.....

3.   "I love you"  A text I got yesterday from my man, totally by surprise - just those three words - perfect

I love these three special people like crazy.

Happy Grateful day



  1. Awwww, I got a goosebumpy and teary just reading this lovely post xxx

  2. what a beautiful post Bren!
    i love the little i love you's and the cuddles & the special drawings they do for me.
    I too wear my heart on my sleeve & sometimes the tears just come flooding for the simplest of things.
    it is great being a mum...forget the tantrums for the minute, but it is rewarding & those little words or actions just make it all the more worthwhile.

    hugs to you Bren ♥

  3. O those words can melt your heart alright! Sounds like you have a lovely family.

  4. The little things said with such honesty from our little ones are the ones that mean the most :)
    Lovely gratefuls.

  5. Priceless and indeed something that is worth posting on this linky to provide inspiration to everyone in the blog universe. This is truly heartwarming. It makes me want to cuddle with my husband and two children ;-)

  6. aww, what a sweet post and wonderful words to be grateful for ♥

  7. Beautfiul!
    Reading positive posts like this makes my day!! x x
    p.s Aren't suprise texts the best!

  8. You have trained them all well! What gorgeous things to be grateful for. Good for you! Thanks for linking up today x

  9. Loved your post. It's so nice to stop and take notice of those little happy moments.

  10. Awww.... 3 gorgeous things to be grateful for!!!
    PERFECTION!! Just lovely!

  11. Awww... love your grateful list! :) Happy weekend!


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