Sunday, March 13

fancy pants {saved}

Why is it when I wear a skirt I feel, just a little more dressed up...or a little more ladylike even?
Even if the skirt is a five year old, black jersey skirt?

One that is more comfy than my "good jeans"
And has me twirling about and feeling lighter on my feet.

I salvaged this skirt from the very very top of my cupboard as I was still doing some major shedding, sorting, cleaning and re-arranging. I tried it back on, and  remembered how comfy she was.

Well, I think I've worn this skirt about three times this week.  It's uneven, and un-hemmed (it came like that - luckily i can fix hems!) and it has exposed seams - to some it seems, well, unfinished.  But I love it.

I laughed when I went to visit our host - she has a similar little skirt story too.   I love the way accessories can add a bit fancy too.  I made this little scarf years ago from some satin I loved at Lincraft.  I only bought 20cm of it, and whipped up a small scarf.  I wear it around my head or neck.

So this skirt, is getting a new lease of life and heading back into the territory that is my wardrobe. 

Have you saved an item of clothing you forgot you had or were planning on ditching??  Sometimes having a break from a piece of clothing does make the heart grow fonder (hahah!) 

Join up here to share your fancy pants xx

WEARING: top; dotti, skirt; portmans, scarf; made by me, shoes; bought on my last overseas trip, unruly hair; courtesy of getting caught in the rain! 


  1. I have a whole wardrobe of beautiful things from the 'childbearing years' which no longer fit and I really must get taken in - they are all too lovely to ditch, and are in desperate need of a new lease on life...
    one day I'll get around it it!

  2. Yes! My hot pink suede fully lined pencil skirt that I paid about $15 for brand new has come very close to being donated to the op shop way too many times. What was I thinking? I love that skirt now, it's hot!

  3. I love the scarf... what a brilliant idea to make your own with a small piece of fabric you love.... love all your ideas :D

  4. You look gorgeous! I love the photo of you and your little girl! So sweet! Hope you have had a great weekend xo

  5. I have about twenty items in an overflowing wardrobe that I rotate regularly. The rest just sit there, mocking me with their too short, too scratchy, too small, too not-one-of-the-top 20-ness.

    That portrait of you is gorgeous, Bren! x

  6. I love this post! Are you sure we're not really sisters separated at birth? Actually hold on... For that to happen I might to know how to sew as well as you!! I love anything in jersey (super comfy) and apart from that, you look fabulous - scarf and shoes!! Glad you didn't throw the skirt and top away! Xx

  7. Gorgeous as ever! And I love your hair au naturale!! So great when you can pull out an old item and rework it's like shopping without the price tag! And what a clever idea for the really should be rubbing shoulders with Stella McCartney and her associates :) x x


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