Tuesday, March 15

conserva {The Sauce}

This weekend we made The Sauce - or Conserva - to the southern Italians.

A box of tomatoes.
A big pot.
A handful of salt.
Elbow grease to wind the puree machine.
Basil, sterilised bottles, tops, a funnel.

And then into a pot of water to be brought to the boil by a raging fire for at least 2 hours.

we'll do two more boxes next weekend xx


  1. LOVE this. Always wanted to be a part of one of these days. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh love this, we have a the best basil right now, the tomatoes are going great guns too, what a lovely way to preserve them over Winter, bottled goodness. I married into a Nothern Italian family but we'll take your southern recipe thanks, love Posie

  3. All I can say is .....AMAZING! The experience, the smell, the taste....awesome times! And brought to the boil by a raging fire....cherry on the top! Sounds simply magic :) x x


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