Tuesday, March 29

my feelings can no longer be repressed.....

You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you...."

Don't you just love it??  Well, I do!  I remember back in 1995, I was in Year 9 English Class and my lovely and favourite teacher Libby devoted a whole term to Pride and Prejudice and we watched the BBC adaptation... which was only just released. 

Of course I was too young to realise the full power of this story but I was fond of any love story!

But a few months ago, I purchased the book and it sat idle on my shelf.  Then a few weeks ago I found myself with nothing to read and hence it started.  I will not tell a lie...I struggled at first.  I usually only read at night, at the end of a long day and perhaps this was not ideal when one is getting one's head around the language in which Ms Austen uses.  The subtleties in the plot and development of character is delivered in such a crafty way, that I found myself having to re-read passages over and over until finally I understood. 

Once I got part way in, I was hooked and found it a joy to read!  Of course I then had to re-watch the BBC version again - which solidified my love for this classic love story.  It was strange, but even though you know the ending, I was concerned the broody, proud and mysterious Mr Darcy and the bright and eloquant Ms Elizabeth Bennet wouldn't know of each others love and not get together.

Luckily - they do!  The gorgeous Colin Firth is just a dreamy Mr Darcy and Jennifer Elhe is the perfect Lizzy!  One of my favourite scenes is Lizzy's rejection of Mr Darcys first proposal to her. He was certain of a favourable answer - my goodness how wrong he was.  Despite all his fortune she brings him back down to earth with the shattering truth of how to be a gentleman!  My other favourite scene is of course his being caught by surprise by Lizzy after taking a swim in the lake and his subsequent change of character that ensues.

Now a little search of 'Pride and Prejudice' on Etsy yeilded this result for any other fans out there!! 

Do you have a passion for Classic films or novels?  if so, do share...


  1. P and P was one of my final-year exam texts so I know (and still love!) it back to front and sideways. Best opening line of a book ever... Oh, except maybe for the Great Gatsby! So glad you perservered!!! x

  2. I also have a passion for P and P but mainly....it's simply a passion for Colin Firth!!! LOL!!! Cx

  3. P&P is, and always will be, my favourite book ever. I just love everything about it. I have a few years on you (!), but I fell in love with it during Year 12. I want to read it again now! I love how Bridget Jones is a modern day version and that Colin Firth is in it too, LOVE him!!!

  4. Oh no, i'm a non reader or girlie movie watcher, so have no idea what you're talking about. The shame, oh yes, the shame. Love Posie

  5. You have soooo got to be freakin kidding me!!!! Guess what book is sitting on my bedside table....albeit a bit neglected!!! Finished Sense and Sensibility a little while ago but P& P is my absolute fave! Hope your week is gorgeous :) x x

  6. Can I say this out loud ... I haven't read this book - I am ashamed to say that! But I think that after reading your post I may just have to. Thank you!

  7. It's a shame that such fabulous novels are to be read at school and picked apart. It totally ruined a lot of fabulous novels for me. As for the movie, can you believe that I've never seen Colin Firth as Mr Darcy? I think it's high time I borrowed/rented it!

    As for my favourite classics - A Fortunate Life and To Kill A Mockingbird. Still in our library (and re-read recently). xx

  8. P&P is my 'comfort' book. My tattered copy (I got it second hand a dozen years ago) comes out and is lovingly revisited every 6 months or so. I keep looking at new, prettier ones in Borders, but can't seem to betray my old worn copy.

    As for the movies - BBC. Anything else (and I HAVE seen the others) is an abomination. Once you've seen Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle play these roles - simply NOone else will do.

  9. Hey there...nice blog by the way, found you all the way over at 'meet me at mikes'. I love the classics, "Little Women", "Atonement", but "Pride and Prejudice" is my all time high up on that list in the sky, where no one will ever reach. I know, quite a statement to make...!


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