Saturday, March 5

I'm grateful for {the new addition}

Everyone - I would like to introduce you to our latest addition to the family!  Welcome to my Janome!  Janome this is blogland!  Now that you are formally introduced - your first little expedition here in blogworld is to star in post along with Maxabella Loves and all the other grateful bloggers out there.

Today I'm grateful for...

1. New additions - This little beauty up there is my new sewing machine!  She's been with me for a few weeks now, and we are very well acquainted.  I love her to bits already and she is a really good companion and a great listener.  It's a Janome DC2101 and some of the features I love include the vast array of stitches, computerised component, auto needle threader and foot speed control.  It's been a dream to sew with!  Old Elle (aka - The Elna) is now in semi retirement and will take a much needed break.  She will be great to use to teach the kids how to sew.   So now I have a young and fresh machine sitting alongside my other Janome (my overlocker) and they look very happy indeed.

2. my man - he made the suggestion of buying a new machine!

3.  Dora - the lovely sales assistant at the sewing centre who spent her time and effort in helping me choose the perfect machine for me!

Happy grateful day xx


  1. Oh love your new machine - can't wait to see what your create.

  2. Oh Yay a new machine! i have a machine that i brought my 13 year old, it has never been used sadly :(

  3. Janome will never let you down, treat her well & she'll love you back. Congratulations on your new machine & in turn, extra love for your husband. Love Posie

  4. You lucky, lucky girl. Firstly for your new member of the family (I can just imagine what lovelies you are going to make with her!) and your wonderful husband who recommended you buy another sewing machine in the first place! I'm loving that you're so grateful for it too. Never take that for granted! Hope you had a lovely day and look forward to seeing what you wore tomorrow! xx

  5. What a wonderful new friend you have there - welcome to bloggity land Janome.

  6. I am sure you and your new addition will spend many wonderful hours creating together :)

  7. Oooh lucky you to have a new sewing machine AND a husband who SUGGEST buying one!

  8. You will not believe this hon but you and I will be sewing away in different states on EXACTLY the same machine!! What a hoot!!! SHe's a trusty old pal my Jan. She won't let you down...and I work her pretty hard ;) Made me smile when I sat down to sew last night as I wondered if you were sewing too :) x x


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