Friday, March 4

....a tough decision

Ok - the time has come!!  It's been over a year now since I snapped up some bargin chairs that really needed a makeover!  I've begun sanding and polishing the timber, but for a while now I've been slowly searching for some upholstery fabric that will really bring these babies back to life....

The two chairs are very similar to the one above - maybe just a little shade lighter, but the style is almost identical.  I've kept this picture as inspiration for myself and to encourage this project along....

Now I feel like the creative Gods are aligned as I stumbled upon Spoonflower - the most amazing independent fabric store I've come across.  It is an ingenious creative hub, whereby anyone (yes, thats right - anyone) can design fabric, and then you can make your design available to the public!  Not only that, but Spoonflower take on all the role of printing and sending out the fabric to you and those that purchase it!  


But the best bit I Iove is searching through all the amazing fabrics on offer! That and the fact that I can order a swatch and then they will print that fabric on any type of material from quilting cotton, linen blend and even upholstery weighted material.


So - now that I've done some searching here are some of the fabrics I'm about to order to see if they will be suitable for the job of adorning my thrifted chairs.

What do you think? Which one do you like the best??

These designs are by holli_zolliger - and you can find her on Spoonflower


  1. I like the grey print as it's classic but if your chair is going to be the statement piece in the room then pick either of the other two. Good luck with that. It'll be fab when its complete.

  2. Spoonflower seems like an amazing concept and place. Great find, Bren.

    I like the green. But I also like the idea of doing two different fabrics as in your picture... x

  3. I too have a thing for thrifted chairs...have more than a few waiting to be transformed :)
    I love the style of your chairs, ageless! My favourite fabric is the first one :)

  4. spoonflower is so cool isn't it, i haven't ordered anything yet but i love looking at different designs. would be so neat to design my own one day too! i've just revamped an old wooden chair for my 4 year olds room, it was really fun to do!

  5. I've just discovered spoonflower too, it's amazing! I love the top fabric best, am a fan of those colours. Where is your inspiration photo from? If it's a blog, I'd love to check it out, so cute. Have fun doing chair.

  6. oooooh i like number one and number three .... those chairs are going to look amazing !! can't wait to see them finished, i'll see you monday x

  7. Oh i like bold & fun colour, but if you want to make it last a few decor themes . . . go for simple tones & make the splash of drama happen with a cushion.
    Happy upholstering!! I'm so far into my studio clean up, make over & still haven't found my new staple gun, only to remember i put it up high with the drugs in the kitchen cupboard!! Love Posie

  8. hard decisions, I think I like the first or second one!

  9. Um, so many decisions! Firstly, what colour is the space? Will you do two colours like your inspiring print? I love the green and blue one, but love the grey too!

    I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  10. Oh heaven!!! I can't possibly decide. Two together like in your picture would be funky...but which two! Spoonflower rocks but thanks so much for reminding me....I haven't checked it out in ages! Can't wait to see what you do with your chair! I have a very similar one waiting that needs work to adorn my soon to be refurbished sewing space (a.k.a. the dingy garage!!). Best of crafty luck to you with this project :) x x


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