Tuesday, June 11

slow and steady

It was a week of anticipation as our first born celebrated his seventh birthday*.  The week started slow, mulling about the house the usual routine, warding off the dreaded winter lurgies.     The Queens Birthday long weekend combined with a  birthday is most often a long weekend affair.  No doubt we packed our few possessions required and headed for our sanctuary.  We lit a fire, I slapped together a cake and with some nibbles and a splattering of family, it was a celebration in style.

1. Two little friends cuddled up on a rainy day
2. Fairy dress her outfit of choice most days
3. Yes, I found a face on my orange
4. keeping warm around the fire.
5. I'll steal your beanie then ask for a piggy back uncle konny
6. Enjoying the view from his office window
7. Gumboots and shadows
8. Roof and blue sky

Linking up terribly late with the lovely Em @ The shack 

Does the long weekend through you out?  or is it just me?


*birthday post to come


  1. What gorgeous photos!

    The bonfire and blue skies couldn't have been more perfect :)

  2. Happy Birthday to your Mr 7! Such a wonderful world you are creating there Brenda. Love a big bonfire!

  3. What fabulous photos - so colourful.

  4. Fabulous photos Brenda - love that one of your girl on Daddy's shoulders with the super cute beanie :-)


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