Sunday, June 23


25/52 - a portrait of my children once a week every week for a year 

It feels so strange, writing that post heading...the reflected numbers staring back at me in disbelief...are we really so close to the half way mark of this wonderful challenge?  Challenge it is not either...I have found it such a enjoyed moment in my week to take, select and share special images of my children.  I already have ideas of collating the images in a digital book marking the end of the year...perfect gift for grandparents too.

J -  taking a moment to yourself, waiting for your sister to get outside so you can play in the winter sunshine 
M - always looking for a way to make me laugh

Linking in with Jodi @ Che and Fidel 

loving these gorgeous images from last week - this lady has amazing talent with the camera 



  1. These are both beautiful photos ... love them :0)

  2. Oh my goodness, that last photo cracks me up. Look at those big brown cross-eyes! Gorgeous foreground with J.

    Yes, I can hardly believe it myself. Where has the year gone? Oh, that's right. Going up and down the freeway ;) x

  3. such cute and happy kids in such beautiful light! and yes i thought the same - are we really almost half way??> this project has been such a pleasure!

  4. Every photo of your beautiful boy shows his gentle soul. Beautiful! And that honey girl with her spark and free spirit. Gorgeous! I've so enjoyed this project too lovely lady :) xx


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