Saturday, June 29


A portrait of my children once a week, every week for a year 

J - Not very cooperative for a photo this week...I might have to try a more covert style 
M - Always time for a quick stroll in the Winter sun dressed as a fairy...even a cranky fairy 

A gorgeous image from last week (envious of that Summer weather)!!  

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  1. Oh yes. My 7 year old is becoming less and less happy about my snapping away. If you can give hints as to how to be more covert, I am interested!!!

    (I get a squished up face and a tongue usually!)

  2. Your two are gorgeous. And your photos are lovely too. I will be following you over at 13 acres - I love joining in on a good house build. Sounds like a fantastic journey. xx

  3. he might be not happy but he looks cute ;)


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