Monday, June 3


The weeks are flying by now...It's almost like I can feel them whizz by.  Winter is upon us, the heater is a constant companion again as are warm drinks, jackets and beanies....Summer and long days just seem so long ago.  We busy ourselves creating this and that.  I'm still trying to work hard at sewing my way through the fabric stash in the lead up to packing this house up in the coming months. The lists keep growing, always finding another thing to add as one gets crossed off.    This is what kept us busy this week.

1. Limes, oh limes, I love you almost as much as lemons...almost
2. Especially when put with this extraordinary carrot cake with lemon cream cheese icing....booyeah!
3. All lined up waiting for their Master to return from Kinder
4. All lined up waiting for their Master to return from School
5. An exciting little package filled with gorgeous products...products that I get to photograph

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  1. Oh, I love all your lime goodness, and the creations of your offspring. You get to photograph fun things? Oh yes.

  2. Just so very beautiful. Love this collection of things. xo

  3. Those ponies made me smile - haven't they been around for a long time now.

  4. Beautiful images! My children always line up their toys and they go crazy if I try to put them away, are yours the same? They tell me to leave it exactly the way it is until they come home! But I always want to shove them in a box somewhere so they are not cluttering the house! Have a great week, Brenda. x

  5. That carrot cake looks so delicious....yes winter has come all of a sudden...summer seemed to go on forever here in the west. xx


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