Monday, June 17


Dang.  It's cold.  The heater is broken and it hasn't really stopped raining all week.  All. Week.  It's not fun trying to dry washing in this sort of weather without relying on the old tumble dryer.  But as it happens Winter has it's ok an excuse for endless hot drinks, and slow sunday roasts.  Staying in winter pj's is just a little more luxurious when it's cold than in warmer months and snuggling on the couch is oh so's what we got up to this week. 

1. Props...gorgeous citrus, eucalyptus, geraniums, lavender and rosemary...all used for a photo shoot for some wonderful products, which I'll reveal soon. 
2. Ladder time - At the end of each footy round the ladder gets updated.  Very happy people at the moment with their team in top position. 
3. My old antique taken of her because it's time to sell her (sob!) 
4. Shenanigans on the couch
5. Hiding under the quilt
6. Letting me take photos of her down the lane way. 

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  1. I spy an Orla Kiely tin, I have them on my wish list xo

  2. Oh its cold here too! And a little bit wet, but probably not enough for dry old Perth. I love your wintery-ness, and your cutie girl with her boots, and totally agree that keeping on top of the washing in this weather is nuts.

  3. Lovely props for a photo shoot, so colourful & love the last , twirling in the laneway.

  4. Gorgeous snippets of your world! Can't wait to see what you're up to lovely x x


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