Thursday, June 13




Feels so much more grown up.  And really you are.  No longer the newbie at school, your take on the world has evolved so much.  With such a sweet personality, people are drawn to you, they like you instantly and whilst a shy nature takes some getting used, when you warm to someone, you really steal a little piece of their heart.

Caring, considerate and kind.  Older brother, first born.  Early riser (always!) and affectionate to those you love.  Happy in your own company, inventive and imaginative.  Pizza, pasta and hommus with carrot sticks...favourite foods to please.  Strategic, mathematical and analytical.  Your memory is astounding.  I gaze at you in your slumber often thinking, what will you become?

For now, lets just enjoy Seven.  After all it's my favourite number.

Happy Birthday



  1. Your sweet son. You have captured his day perfectly. x

  2. Lovely post Brenda, great photos. Happy Seven wee man xo

  3. Happy Birthday Mr Seven. What a lovely tribute and will be special for you both to look back on. I was just reminiscing with the kids last night looking at old photos and realising how quickly time passes and how glad i am that those moments were captured on film.

  4. Happy Birthday gorgeous boy! My boy also just turned 7, such an awesome age x

  5. What beautiful little snippets of your baby's special day. How wonderful to have documented this new chapter. Hope you days are beautiful x


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