Tuesday, July 2

Stash PART 1: spread your wings

A little while ago, whilst flittering away in my sewing room, drowning in what appeared to be way too much fabric, I made a little pledge to make and make and make and make....and not buy.  Yep, not to purchase any more fabric, until the fabric stash already in my possession was transformed into projects that they were destined to be when first brought home.

One such project I did not set out to make was an adorable owl costume for my daughter.  I blame Pinterest.  It really is a place of good and evil.  Mostly evil I dare say...all that pinning and not much actually following through with the actual making of anything pinned.   All those projects, recipes, tips for this, that, ones that inspire, ones that claim to get you looking fit in seven days*, and all quotes that make you jsut giggle.  But this costume was just the ticket for busting through some of that stash.  I cut out all the fabric one night, then it was sewn the next and enjoyed each day thereafter, it has been a joy to think that my cacophany of jumbled bits of fabric could result in such an eye-catching delight.

In an effort for more fabric stash project I can called this PART 1, I hope this will be one of many of the projects I share.

Do you have any projects that are good for a fabric collector?
Do you really make all that stuff you pin?

The inspiration and tutorial for this project came from here.

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*If I'm going to pin fitness themed articles, then I must stop pinning cakes, brownies and nutella truffles!


  1. Beautiful Brenda.
    I really need to make more of my pins. too many pins and not enough time. x

  2. Gorgeous wings!!! How lovely. I have a couple of the prints too. I love pinterest and have made a few things from pins. I am going to create a board: I pinned it, I did it!

    1. Pin it Did it - Fabulous idea!!!! I think i'll start a board of that description too!

  3. I LOVE those wings, so gorgeous.

    As for pinning, I'm trying to make myself cook some of the things I have on my 'to eat' board, rather than just drooling over the photos. The rest of the stuff I pin ... well mostly evil procrastination.

  4. Oh my god, I LOVE these wings. You did a beautiful job, Bren.

    No projects, 'cept maybe fabric flowers... you could do the Botanical Gardens!?!? x

  5. I blame Pinterest for so many things - all those naught treats (me Bake me Baby pin board is full of naughty treats that I've tried!), and my fitness inspiration. Yes, good and evil. I try not to think of the irony of my different and diverse pins! But as for these wings, I am in love. I've shared this link with a few friends already. I can get enough of that cute owl and her wings!! X

  6. So, so lovely!
    I would love to motivate myself enough to make a couple of pairs of wings for my girls. They would LOVE them, and I have plenty of stash to bust, and creativity to unleash.
    Ugh, pinterest!


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