Wednesday, July 3

three / fifty-two

Project 52 
three favourite portraits so far 

 6/52 intense younger you are 
15/52  playing with snails 
20/52 asking me questions whilst a plane flew overhead

2/52  the joker always making me laugh
19/52 such a sweet gaze 
20/52 yes, that is what we do with figs 

It was harder than I imagined selecting my favourite three.  Of course any parent would love each image of their own children.  I tried to select images I'm also happy with from a photographic perspective as well.  Images that I can appreciate the light, moment, composition and colour.  

Half way!  A wonderful project thanks to a wonderful host.  Thanks Jodi 



  1. Oh, how J has grown up since the first photo was taken. And yet, I can still see the toddler in M in the second shot. I love how you have mixed up the serious with the humorous. Clever girl. Love your collection. xxx

  2. Thanks for commenting on my I could find yours! Your kiddies are adorable! I absolutely love the middle portrait of your little lady. So magical!

  3. oh I just love first and last :) I don't think I have ever told you how beautiful your kids are! how could they not be with such a beautiful mum x


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