Monday, January 9

my word for 2012

Hello...welcome to 2012.

I wasn't going to return to blogging tonight, but I couldn't resist Maxabella's One Word for 2012!  I can't wait to see what One Word you all choose.

For me, I've got a lot of hope weighing on 2012 being a good year.  My son starts school for starters.  I think every mother with a school aged child can verify how nerve racking that alone can be - for both parent and child.  I remember vividly turning up to mothers group with my 10 week old babe rapped and the smell of his sweet baby breath.  We sat and stared at each other.  That was 2006.  We laughed that in 2012 they would be starting school.  We laughed as we just could not imagine that day.

Well it's coming fast.

So what's my word for 2012.


Be in the moment
live in the moment
Be grateful for each moment
appreciate challenging moments
savour triumphant moments
moments to learn from
moments to laugh
moments to just be

my word for 2012

what's yours? 
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  1. Oh SNAP! Brenda, I can relate to your word too! My baby starts school this year, he's our #3 our little guy suddenly a school kid & I can't quite believe the time has come. Enjoy your moments..x

  2. Beautiful word and beautiful concept for 2012! Happy New Year Brenda!

  3. A fantastic word! It's amazing how quickly school comes around, its hard to imagine what were once little bundles being old enough to go to school. My oldest baby is doing his HSC this year, now how did that happen?

  4. So inspirational, Bren. I am loving the words that everyone is choosing - they are so uniquely them. I wish you many, many happy, joyous, magical, loving, bubbly, brilliant and brings MOMENTS in 2012. x

  5. Great word Brenda! I haven't thought of mine yet - every time i try all I come up with is 'busy' and that is NOT going to be my word!!!!

  6. This is fabulous and such a great way to look at this year. And why not? We often miss all those moments!


  7. yes, being mindful in the now, is the aim the Mr and I have for this year. Thanks for sharing!

  8. lovely post & beautiful choice of word Brenda!
    I captured a few moments too & love every single one of them.

    I am not sure of my word yet, but appreciate comes to mind quite a bit ♥


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