Sunday, January 15

a little more about blurb

A little while ago, I posted up a bit of a favourite website list that I frequent when the needs to do a bit of online shopping.   One of those sites that got a lot of your attention and other's of the non-blogging variety was Blurb.  Now this is not a sponsored post, but it could be.

I've loved the photo book I made through Blurb. Photos of of our family holiday in Italy.  I took heaps of memorable photos and was very reluctant to just develop a stack and put in your old run of the milll album.  When I stumbled across Blurb, I knew it was exactly what I needed.   And it was quite a simple process.  I know there are many other services claiming to provide photo books and the like, and I have used others, but this was far supreme.

Firstly, you download the software package enabling you to work on your project offline whenever you want.  You have heaps of templates to choose from.  Some pages you can fill with photos, or add text if you like. When your done, you simply upload it onto your account online and then purchase it.  Simple.  You can even make your book public for others to purchase.  Think of the possibilities.  I'm collating some family recipes together with photos to make into a family cookbook of recipes not currently recorded.

Our professional book filled with memories is something we grab and look at nearly everyday. So for those that were curious, take a look over at Blurb.  You wont be disappointed.



  1. I use Snapfish, but I'll definitely take a look at Blurb. Your Italia album is lovely, Bren. x

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment Brenda. I'm resting as much as you can with two littlies at home!!
    Really interested in this Blurb thing now.... haven't printed out any of my UK trip pics and it would be so nice to have them to look at. Want to put a couple in frames on the wall too, but finding time is tricky. Have a good week xo

  3. Oh, I love albums that you can custom make. I've also used Snapfish, but I'm keen to see what else is out there! Thanks for sharing your holiday book. Looks so gorgeous! xx


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