Monday, January 30

29 Dresses

No this is not a post advertising the squeal to the romantic comedy that was 27 Dresses.

This is infact a post about the number of dresses I have in my possession.

It's fair to say, I have a lot.  But it's an accumaltive thing, and some are very much loved favourites that have served me many many summers.  And I like dresses. I have hardly any jeans or pants and when I shop I know I gravitate first to the dresses, then perhaps skirts.

But when I did a bit of a re-arrange and clean up of my wardrobe I thought I better count just how many dresses I actually have. 


Do they all get worn?  No is the simple answer.  I have my favourites....and my not so favourites.

Time to do something about this.  So considering we have one month left of Summer and there are 29 days of February, starting Wednesday and for all of February I am going to wear all my dresses.  No dress shall be repeated and if it is not dress weather, then I will have to be creative.  It'll help me decide which dresses shall stay, which will go and which of them need a little alteration.  I'll take pictures,  mostly on instragram though as I'll struggle to get the tripod out each day.....but....

A dress a day.

Can I do it? 
Do you have something in excess in your wardrobe??  Shoes?  Bags?  Scarves?
Share your wardrobe obsessions please!!!


  1. Sounds like a fun idea, cant wait to see what you've got. I dont think I have that many dresses but you never know til you count. I'm sure I have too many skirts though. :)

  2. Yes please! Dresses are my absolute favourites and I imagine you have some divine samples!!! x

  3. Love it! I'm really starting to wear dresses a lot more - but I'd love to see some more interesting examples than my casual throw on styles!


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