Friday, January 20

2012 {The list}

Source: via Brenda on Pinterest

So Hello 2012.

How are you?

Young and fresh I see.  full of promise and hope.  I did say that I would work on a list of wishes for 2012.  Somehow if you write it down it seems more real.  And then if you publish it in a public forum, well then you really are putting yourself out there. 

Well, some things I'd to see done this year are:

Read more
Make my sewing room delightful
Enrol in a photography course
Make some dress ups for the kids
Enjoy the wonderment of my son starting school
Marvel in one-on-one time with my daughter
Take the family on more picnics
Collect old family recipes and make a book
Get fit
Organise the filing cabinet
Have a girls weekend
Be challenged
Open my online store again
Do a budget (hah - unlikely as I've never suceeded at this one!)
Go on dates with hubby
Learn something new (belly dancing would be fun)
Plan a holiday (I'm thinking just a lovely few days in Sydney would be nice)
Write letters

Have you got a 2012 list?
What's on yours?


  1. What a gorgeous list (apart from the budget which is more of a necessity than a whim right?). I wish you well with it. I haven't done a list this year, nor have I reconciled last year's... best I get on with that :-) x

  2. You are going to be very busy indeed!

    I need a list... I have a word, but I need a list. x

  3. Nice list Brenda, long but achievable. I wish you all the best with it and I think we might even share a few things on our lists for 2012, although I'm not brave enough to put mine in writing.

  4. Great list! I've just done this too, and I agree, it becomes a bit more real if you write it all down. I had some of mine wafting around my head for a while!!

  5. I must say I have a word, but what a word!


    It means so many things, like being brave, playing more piano, learning the uke/guitar/bass, read more, do what I love more, work out what I want to be when I grow up...

    The list goes one.

    I'm impressed by yours (and I'll join you in the photography course - one of my self-actualising things! I still have that voucher... perhaps we can do it through your BIL?)

    It does mean busy, but if you can achieve just some of these things, oh what a year!


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