Monday, January 16

{le petit prince)

I'd been hoarding a little bundle of fabric for a few years now. Look it's even up there...on my blog header.  See I told you - ages!  Every now and again I would get the little bundle out of my craft cupboard, caress them (Ok I know you crafters out there are nodding with agreement) and then I would carefully place them back un-cut in the fabric closet. Just wondering....what will become of you?

Alas, the time came.  A wee little Prince was born and without hesitation or procrastication this little bundle of fabric was washed, dried, measured and snipped, sewn and bound.

All for a quilt for one little precious baby.

It was also by chance that I had this little french story on linen.  I pulled it out, half way through the quilt thinking I could cut it up and use it amoungst the other colours, but when I opened it up fully and took in just the beauty of the entire peice, I knew it just had to left as is.  Luckily mother of said gorgeous Prince relieved my anxiety as I had no idea what the story was about and after completion was a bit concerned that it might not be baby appropriate.  Thank goodness it was....

My last quilt (which I made for my own daughter) took over 2 years. 
This quilt took two days - sometimes you just don't argue with creative motivation.
And a little baby giraffe rattle to match.

So do you have a special fabric stash? 
Are you afraid to make the chop?
do share...



  1. Oh, so GORGEOUS Brenda! I love what you've done with it, and it was worth making the chop. You're oh, so clever! xxx

  2. What a gorgeous quilt you have created there. I loved your description of taking the fabric out and patting it - I do that too.

  3. It's adorable! Perfect for the little prince. And err, I feel better about how long it took me to make MY quilt compared to how long it took for you to make your daughters! haha :)

  4. Perfect, just perfect. There are some things more precious than scrummy fabrics afterall! x

  5. That is beautiful Brenda - glad you managed to cut into that fabric to make such a lovely quilt.

    I have a stash I am scared to use... one day, one day!

  6. It is so very much loved my dear friend!! It is just the perfect baby quilt as it fits little Remy as well as his cuddly big sister right next to him! I adore the colours, the text, the combo...everything!...but above all..the thought!! You are such a treasure :) xxx


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