Saturday, January 21

52 weeks of grateful {patience}

There are a lot of virtues and skills required to be a mother.  Some more important than others.

One I hold as one of the most essential is that of Patience.

Patience is something I thought I had in abundance prior to children, but I soon learnt that it is something I will never take for granted.  Some days I wonder what happened to my patience.   I get annoyed at myself, and then loose even more patience.  Days when breakfast is spilt on the floor, children don't want to wear a jumper and the temperature outside is in single digits and no matter how many times I insist on the no running inside rule, it gets broken at least five hundred and eighty times a day.  The constant "where is my..." infiltrating my mind along with the "I cant find...", the "I'm hungry..." and the "But why..."  all of these are sent to test but one virtue.

Patience.  Times when you tie up a shoelace for the tenth time in 5 minutes, or find yourself sprawled on your tummy legs flaying about trying to reach that essential piece of lego.  Or heaven forbid you cut the sandwiches into triangles and not squares.  And don't even think about having privacy in the bathroom anymore.  Yes, it's those moments I rely heavily on Patience.

Today I'm grateful for patience.  For when I can rally enough of it, it helps make my days easier, enjoyable and even lovely.  It makes me a better person and helping me take a deep breath and ride the motherhood wave.

What are you grateful for today?

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more. I'd always thought of myself as having infinite patience, until I had kids. Now, I get disappointed at how often I lose it. But it's a work in progress and I'm definitely getting better. Lovely post, thanks for sharing!

  2. I am totes with you on the sandwiches cut in the wrong shape! One must never assume that just because they had triangles yesterday that they will again require them today! And god forbid if it is wrong cause they wont eat them!!!!!

  3. I'm the opposite - before children I had no patience for anything. Since children, I have been amazed at the reservoirs within. Most of the time... x

  4. I'm naturally not a patient person, and its amazing what stores come from absolutely nowhere! But yes, it's essential when raising children.

    We can always do with more!


  5. Oh dear, the sandwiches part of the post made me laugh - the meltdowns we have had over that issue have ingrained in me to ALWAYS ask but it took me a while to catch on.

    A friend of my mother in law told me I had wonderful patience the other day. I'm not entirely sure if she was complimenting me or in fact commenting on the fact that I must NEED patience because my boys are so wild. (She's an interesting character).

    Anyway, I had to laugh as I feel like you - grateful for when I have it, but wondering why it is so much harder to come by than I anticipated pre-kids.

  6. oooh - patience - I ask for more every Christmas!!
    it improves with sleep I find :-)))


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