Wednesday, January 18

{berry picking}

During the holidays we took the kids berry picking.  I kinda knew they would love it. And love it they did.  Especially my daughter who I paid an "all you can eat" entry for too.  She got that little pink sticker with pride and ate her way through raspberries, bramble berries and blueberries.   I had fun snapping some adorable pictures of what was a beautiful Summer Day. 

We bought enough to enjoy for dessert with ice-cream and to make some raspberry muffins.  A small batch made it into the freezer too.  And today, a friend dropped off a lovely bowl full of red-currents.   Oh the sweet-sour goodness.  I'm eyeing off this recipe.  

Do you love berry picking? 
What's your favourite berry and what do you do with them??  


  1. Sounds like such a deeeelightful day. I love that M ate her way through the berry fields. That girl has spunk! (Not to mention very fine taste.)

    Off to see the recipe you have your eye on!


  2. Too much fun! Great idea for a family outing, Bren. x

  3. This is something that we cannot possibly do here. I love this a lot. xx


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