Friday, January 13

The sound of summer....

Does your music likes change with the season?

I love it when a really good bop-y song comes along, espeically in Summer when the warm weather and a good song are just a perfect match to make you smile.

This song we discovered on our European Summer back in August.    The sound of sunshine by Michael Franti freaturing Italian singer Lorenzo Govenotti.

Some of the other songs were loving have a good kareoke moment to are;

An oldie but a goodie - Summer Rain - Belinda Carlile

A new one I just can't help but sing along to - you don't know your beautiful - One Direction

And this classic - Brown eyed girl - Van Morrison

What songs scream Summer to you? 
What are you listening to right now? 

I do hope the warm weather returns to Melbourne soon. 



  1. Thirsty Merc's 'Summertime'; Lou Reed's'Perfect Day'.

    I love Summer songs all year 'round. Maybe 'cos we have sun all year 'round? Winter songs tend to involve snow and... Christmas. x

  2. Love this and sharing on my fb page :) I always ALWAYS love Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours" xo

  3. Daggy, but I always think of Cruel Summer by Bananarama!!


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