Tuesday, December 13

my type of Christmas shopping

In my world, when I go Christmas shopping, it is peaceful, quiet and all is well.

There is nothing overpriced.  And I find everything I'm looking for.

I don't have to fight for a car park, or even pay for said car park and really, I can shop in my tracksuit because I don't care.

There is no havoc, no snotty salesperson to have ones eyes rolled at. Nope.  None. Of. That.

And my kids....well they are peaceful for the whole journey.

So. Where do I go?

Here are my favourite destinations....

Fishpond - for books, movies and dvd packs (free shipping!)
OO.com - for pretty much everything
Kikki K - oh surely everyone is just as in love with stationary as me....
Little shop of - delightful handmade goodies by Melbourne crafters (me included!)
Rudy and the dodo - delightful stuff for little people
Ebay - no explanation really
Asos - well, that might be for me!
Blurb - Oh just made a holiday photo book for the MIL - I'm so going to be the favourite now!
And of course, Etsy and Made It for more handmade and vintage goodness....

Have you embraced online shopping?

Love it or Loathe it? If you haven't guessed I love it.....

And if you love it, which sites do you love?

....do share and happy Christmas Shopping!



  1. I havn't tried online shopping yet, mainly because I am scared that the item won't arrive in time! But lots of people I know rave about it, So Next year I will have to give it a go!!

  2. Me too! I would only add 'Lark' to your list of shops as I love it so.

    I can hardly go to the real shops any more... Although I'm still not good at clothes shopping online. I hate having to post stuff back and all that. x

  3. Thanks for sharing the links...how cool to be able to self publish so easily. Now to think of what my bestseller could be xo

  4. Love love love online shopping!! Haven't tried blurb yet. Was it easy to use?


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