Monday, December 12

From rust bucket to shiny new {yes, another DIY}

I'm pretty sure I imaged these chairs into existence.  It's not often I go thrifted and think to myself "gee I really do want a pair of fold up chairs...comfy...bright in colour perhaps, and only needing a but of tlc."
Wham!  They appeared before I could even finish this sentence in my head.  And at the stellar price of $8 a pop....these little babies took no time to shine like new.   I quickly stashed them at my folks little hobby farm - perfect spot for a bit of DIY when sanding rust and spray paint was involved. 

I then moved them to my father-in-laws shed....where he kindly finished them off by giving the seats the clean of their life....nothing a bit of metho and some elbow grease!  

Not a speck of rust in sight!!! 

Take a seat why don't you??  

So from rust bucket to sparkly new....
the only cost was the rust proof aluminum spray can for $14!

Ever found just what you were looking for whilst thrifting? 
Do share...



  1. Great job! They are quite fabulous.

  2. Terrific! I doubt I would have the patience... no, I KNOW I wouldn't! x

  3. Fabulous! Love the orange too.
    Dinner plates in blue and white are prob my most wanted and needed find!x

  4. These look great! What an exciting find! x

  5. You are so clever. Everytime I see one of your 'after's I'm so very envious. You can actually turn rust into gold! xx


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