Wednesday, December 7

My creative space - Down on the farm

This project has been along time coming.  So long in fact that I've decided my kids aren't getting it until Christmas.  It will be my Christmas present to them.  Santa doesn't get all the glory.

And now that it's finished, I'm glad I let it take a while....because it meant that it grew, and evolved and I changed my plans a few times and have come up with a gift for children that is not only fun, but practical and has a functional element.

You see, I'd been wanting to make a little farm mat for some time.

I also wanted to make one of those snazzy toy mats/bags that just hang up on a hook when your done.

So I combined those two projects.

I used felt for the actual farm mat.  Added some rather random-ish items that kind of look like a barn, a lake, a house, and a flower patch with some scraps and roughly sewing them on.   The little barn roof even opens up!

The matt is backed with some lovely bright fabric (which I could also use that way facing up as a little picnic blanket...) and with some rope threaded through the many button holes....

The farm animals and farm machinery are proudly brought to you by IKEA.  They were just too good an opportunity not to snap them up, and they love their new hand made environment.  I'm pretty sure I did hear a conversation between the Mr Goat and Mrs Pig that they were so glad not to have to put together a flat packed barn!!! Yes those allen key's are a so difficult with hooves and trotters!

 It makes this mat a cinch to pack up.

Now before you pack up and go - head over to a load full of creativity....



  1. That is fantastic!
    I thought about making one of these a long time ago, but didn't have the guts!x

  2. Oh my gosh Brenda! That is so clever! Well done you!

  3. You are so clever:) Your little ones are going to spend hours playing with this. You definitely need to get all the credit for this one, not Santa:) xx

  4. oh so thats why I haven't seen you for weeks you are busy setting up a farm !! i'm baking ciabatta and thinking of you on this sunny afternoon girlfriend x

  5. Gorgeous project. Well done! <3

  6. I can imagine this is going to be a true favourite and you must get your video camera ready for when the children open this on Christmas day.


  7. Very cool! I'm glad for Mr Goat and Mrs Pig as flat packed furniture gives me a head ache and can only imagine what it would be like to assemble a flat packed barn. Phew. Also love the way your toy mat can be hung. Will have to remember that trick. Have a lovely weekend!

  8. This is so sweet. I bet there will be hours of fun playing with it. x

  9. Brilliant idea Brenda! Love the idea of the string around the bag for ease of packing up and perfect for travel also!


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