Friday, December 9

the class gift (all for under $10)

I did a little "uh oh" when my son kept getting little Christmas cards and candy canes in his allocated Kinder pocket. 

The dreaded "class room gift" was fast approaching.

I'm not one for dishing out the confectionary.  My son started munching away on his his Candy Cane and announced that it tasted like toothpaste.  I agree.  Hmm.... my mind started thinking.....

So, without wanting to break the bank....and knowing I had 26 little kids to manufacture something for...we came up with a little Reindeer Magic Food.  A fun little crafty activity for the kids to prepare (with adult supervision with the glitter!!!)

Simple little mixture of oats, glittler and sequins and a cute little rhyme to go with it.  All in a little clear bag ready to scatter on the grass Christmas Eve.   And if you're like me and have some of this stuff lying around at home, it shouldn't cost too much either.  I just needed to purchase the bottle of glitter and print off the poem and bag label (which my son wrote the recipients name on) and I was done. 

Do you do Classroom Christmas Gifts? 

Whats your approach?



  1. I have two at kinder, 3 and 4 yr old kinder. I'm trying to get away with the 'we only do this in kinder at school you give cards' approach, but I'll probably be screwed if kids come in with gifts next year!

  2. Cool - will try to remember for next year.

  3. What a great idea, I love it. My older daughter has only received one card so far, so we'll probably just do cards for both of the girls daycare classmates.

    We are making hot chocolate reindeers for the carers though. I found the idea on pinterest and hope that it will be pretty easy, inexpensive and something the girls can help with.

  4. I'm planning on doing some of these with Bear this week for his kinder friends. How cute is that writing! I love kids writing!

  5. Perfect, Bren.

    I hate those bloody candy canes. x


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