Monday, December 20

A custom custom made to order....

...I love it when people come up with good, no great ideas.  And I love it more when I can be apart of a great idea!  A while back, my good friend Simone whose daughter goes to the same Kinder as my son purchased a skirt that I had listed on Made It.  She asked if I could make a matching t-shirt,  and some matching hair accessories, oh, and could I stitch or somehow incorporate the girls initial on the t-shirt - yes, that would be great!

I thought this was a fabulous idea - and set to making up the outfit.  It turned out really sweet and wonderful, that Simone has ordered four more sets for upcoming Christmas gifts for four sweet little girls in her life (one being her own daughter).

So I set to work making some skirts....

Then some tops (all with their initial in coordinating fabric)

And then some hair accessories....

Oh what a good idea it was.  Imagine these four little girls wearing their own little 'custom custom made to order' outfit!!!  Adorable! 



  1. So adorable, in fact, that I'm hoping you start offering these through your store!? x

  2. They are gorgeous Bren!! What a lovely idea! And as usual your fabrics are heavenly. And much to your relief I'm sure...your parcel is on its way. Was the first person knocking on the post office door this morning to send it express. Just in the nick of time :) Have a magical Chrissie lovely girl :) x x

  3. They are lovely and such a sweet idea.

  4. wonderful Brenda, such a lovely idea!

    thank you so much for our little birdie, Amelie proudly hung it on our tree whilst going "wow!"

    many hugs lovely girl ♥

  5. Your talent always seems to amaze me. So clever. Have I ever told you that I'm the first woman that my husband met that never owned a sewing machine? Certainly not my talent. But definitely yours! xx

  6. What a gorgeous idea - they look soooo pretty!!
    I just dropped by to let you know that I have popped a link to you on my post tonight, just because!!
    have a great xmas

  7. Simply gorgeous!! Clever again :0) I should have a go at applique I want to but always hesitant of stuffing it up! Love all the matching sets.


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