Saturday, December 11

I'm grateful for.....{firsts}

Joining in today with ever delightful Maxabella Loves Grateful Link.

So, what am I grateful for....well, firsts - there has been a few this week...

1. First Concert - yep, my son has his first "concert" at Kinder on Friday.  I was the mother with the video camera* and a HUGE grin on my face, proud as punch that my conservative, reserved boy, sang carols and clapped and rang jingle bells on cue. That's a photo of him, up there, and he had quite a few wardrobe malfunctions with the reindeer headband, but he sailed through it!  So proud I could have burst!

2.  Going to a rock concert with my man - yep, tonight we are going to our first rock concert (together!)  we've been to several concerts separately, but tonight the in laws are taking care of the kiddies, we are dining out and heading off to see Bon Jovi - we are excited!!

3. Winning - yep, coming first is a good feeling!  my father-in-law and I won at a game of italian cards (scoopa) against my hubby and mother-in-law the other night.  I consider myself a novice at this game, so winning against my hubby is a good feeling!**

Grateful?  Of course you are for something - join in here...

*Seems like if you didn't have a video camera you were the odd one out, so i didn't feel so nerdy!
**During this card game, italian swear words are quite frequent and is really the only time I get boisterous and feisty in front of the in-laws - especially when one is competing against a very competitive husband!


  1. Gorgeous little guy and I know that feeling of 'proud' seeing them enjoy singing & clapping along.
    Enjoy your concert tonight ! We recently how our first concert away from our little guys - it was awesome.

  2. A top list.
    Not having any close Italian friends or relatives, I've never heard of Scoopa but it sounds like it would be a terrific way to 'bond' with the family.

    I have no doubt that you will have a brilliant time at the concert and it will probably make it onto next weeks list!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

    Felicity x

  3. Heh heh heh... I quite fancy myself as a Scoopa champ myself! Well done!

    How cute is your boy? My heart would have burst. I can't believe Max's school don't do a Christmas concert!! Guess who will be rallying next year for one!!!

    Enjoy the gig. Bon Jovi... chuckle. x

  4. That is a wonderful picture, he looks so proud that you are proud of him! Pure enjoyment.

  5. Oh, and I can see you being SO proud of your little man. Were you a little nervous for him???
    Enjoy a child free night at Bon Jovi (and I want to hear all about it, ya hear???) And winning? You aren't a little bit competitive are you??? xx

  6. ohh what a lovely first! he looks so into it & you must have shed a quiet tear.
    yay for the concert! have a ball & tell us all about it.

  7. The concerts when they are that age are just brilliant :) Visiting from Maxabellas. Jen

  8. Ohhh how cute!! Love the photo of your boy.
    I hope you enjoyed Bon Jovi - how exciting!!

  9. Hope you had a great time at Bon Jovi. Who knows, that first Kindy concert may lead to big things for your little guy? Even Jon Bon Jovi had to start somewhere.

  10. Isn't hilarious the way we all sit there crying our eyes out as they thump about on stage!!!
    It's just the BEST!!! :-)

  11. What a treasure your little man is! And Bon Jovi...wee hoo!!! Love, love, loved them when I was a youngster. Bet it was awesome!! Gorgeous times lovely girl :) x x


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