Saturday, December 4

I'm grateful for.....

Joining in with Maxabella today on this sunny day making it feel easy to be Grateful.

1. Handcream - never in my life did imagine that I would need to wash my hands so much as a stay at home mother.  It seems that there is always a toilet visit, food preparation, craft expedition, dirty face, chore, mess or dishes to be washed, which inevitably means hand washing for me at every turn.  Hand cream is my saviour!

2. Cookies - Christmas cookies to be exact!  Found a quick awesome festive cookie dough recipe* during the week.  Made a double batch and took it along to Playgroup for all the kids to roll and cut and make cookies.  We baked them at playgroup and the little people just loved having a little something for morning tea (i know mine did!)

3. My little translator - my 4 year old son has become quite the little translator for my 2 year old daughters growing vocabulary (some of which is perfect and new words are just a mumble jumble of vowels and consonants all in a bit of mess).  Some of his helpful translations include;

"I waaa my shhhhh on" - "She wants her shoes on mum"
" Some shhhhooo" - She wants food (which sounds very much like she wants her shoes on!)
"baaaawaaaa"  - "She can see a van."
"I ne baaaawaaa" - "She needs a band-aid (yes baawaa means both Van and Bandaid - see my confusion!)
"I wa do paaa do" - "She wants to play playdough"

It has gotten to the point some days when I listen to my daughter, shrug and turn to my son and say "What did she say?"

Happy grateful day!  Do be sure to visit some other grateful bloggers too

*recipe will be posted at later stage!


  1. Ah, the translator. Cappers translates for the Badoo and she's just amazing. It's so cute how grown up they suddenly seem.

    Great idea to bake the biscuits at playgroup. Bet the kids were so proud! x

  2. I love the comment about your mini-translator, it's uncanny how other kids can translate toddlerspeak so easily!

    Your post reminded me that I have butterfly biscuit cutter in my handbag which I purchased recently and haven't actually used yet.
    I bought it as a dual purpose item 1. biscuits and 2. to create artwork to be framed for one of the girls' bedrooms...

    Thank you,

    Felicity x

  3. Love your little translator One of my twins was difficult to understand but his brother always knew better than I did.Still does :). God love them.

    I am so coming back for a cookie playdough you can roll and make shapes out of.

  4. Fantastic! I want a translator too! How sweet is that? I'm with you on the handcream too, there's no greater feeling than going to bed and slathering rich lotion on dry hands!

  5. I always get the cracked hand thing after a new baby is born. I seem to have to wash my hands every 15 mins! Love the translator thing too (I have one of those in my house :-) xxxCate

  6. I am so borrowing your cookie idea for twin playgroup this week. That would be such fun!!

  7. My eldest boy (5) sometimes doesn't let my 2.5 get a word in, so he has been a little late to speak. We are slowly getting there and I just love hearing the little words he's coming out with! Well, most of them. :D

  8. That is so cute! Isn't it lovely that he wants to do that for her too.

  9. My hands have really suffered since I had kids - all that hand washing, and I'm convinced that with me it's hormonal as well. Dermatitis on my hands as soon as the children were born, which continues until I wean, and clears up when I'm pregnant! My hand cream is like a security blanket - I have a tube of my favourite in almost every room in the house, in the car, in my bag...!

    And I have a translator too - she (4) gets him (not quite 2) to say all sorts of things, and he happily mimics her. It's so funny!

  10. Such a cute post (i'm very grateful for hand cream too)
    Thanks for your visit, I just love the book, so many wonderful crafts I would like to try!
    Take care

  11. Hehehe....cute story about your translator! So sweet!


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