Monday, December 6

At my house {birds and stars...}

Playing along with Lou what's going at my house?  I'm seeing lots of birds and stars at the moment.  A lot.

The lovely Jade from The Clothes Line store in picturesque Beechworth ordered sixty Christmas ornaments from me...

 so I've been having lots of fun cutting, preparing, sewing and packaging up these birds and stars to send off to her store.  Mixing great festive prints, with some neutral tones and adding some thrifted doilies to mark a bird wing, this group of birds and stars make great decorations....

Before saying goodbye to such a large stash, I wanted to get an idea of how they would look en masse as a decoration.

Armed with a tree branch and vase, I set to work decking the bare branches - I couldn't fit all 60 on, but even with a third of the amount of there, it began to look very festive.

Luckily I have made a few extras for present toppers, gifts and perhaps even a giveaway soon....

What's going on at your house??  Has the festive season bug hit you too??  Visit what others are up to here....


  1. Yay for such a big order!!! But no wonder...they are gorgeous! ANd I hope your market went swimmingly and you're off today to reward yourself with a spunky new pair of shoes with the day's takings! Hope all is lovely :) x x

  2. Ha! Snap! You know I LOVE them. Well done, creative you. x

  3. Oh Brenda they are so beautiful - thank you - I'm sitting here smiling away at such beauty!

  4. Gorgeous. You have been busy! They look great all together. Lou.

  5. Wow, looks like you have been kept very busy, well done on finding the time for all that work with your little ones. Did you crochet the birds wings individually or cut up a doily? I have lots of doilies that I was planning to cut and use in other projects, but i'm afraid they will just fray and come undone.

  6. They look great - your little fingers have been busy.

    I am putting the finishing touches onto the last of the crazy aunt jumpers - only two beanies to go now:)

  7. LOVE, love them!!
    wonderful creations Brenda & they look soo pretty on the branches.
    christmas still hasn't hit here, see how we go next week.
    happy Friday lovely girl ♥


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