Wednesday, December 8

made with love....

As a young girl, i was forever working away tirelessly at some crafty project or other.  I had a small box under my bed - I remember it well.  A large cardboard box that I convinced my mother needed to be covered in lovely floral fabric with ribbon ties.   It was very pretty and it held my small but decent crafty necessities.

 I may have started out with macaroni threaded necklaces as youngster, and worked my way to buying old necklaces from thrift and junk shops with my pocket money, cutting them up and re-creating masterpieces.

I beaded, I sewed, I stitched and I stuffed.  I would try anything!   When I older I was allowed to use the sewing machine with supervision, and then whenever my need arose once I had mastered the technique.    This was all in the name of giving handmade.  My main recipient was mostly my dear Mother and at random or for a special event I would thrust a parcel from my wee hand into hers standing with shoulders back, big grin on my face - proud of my accomplishment.

No matter how weird, strange, tacky or just plain wrong, my Mother wrapped those warm arms around me claiming it the best ever and how amazed she was at my talent.   I think of mr. goobie (the clay figurine) that sits proudly on her desk, the beaded necklace she wore to my brothers debut ball, the numerous cards, poems, pictures and finally get that it's not all about the item.  It's about who made it, and that each handmade item is made with love...

A few months ago, my mother celebrated a birthday.  These are the handmade goodies I made for her;
- Some floral gardening gloves (from Weekend Sewing book)
- Silk covered beaded necklace (from Crafty Minx book) - made by me and the kids
- Heat pack - made with brown rice and a big scoop of loose French Earl Grey inside (inspired by Sew Mama Sew)

I also found some Espresso Lip Balm on Etsy which was also perfect for my coffee lovin' mother!

 Did you ever make things for your loved ones?  Do you cringe now and have a good laugh at some of your creations?  I know i do!



  1. A gorgeous post. I was very similar, our house was always full of art, craft and baking. Never ending supplies of fabric, we did macrame, fabric painting, tie dying.... you name the fad and we did it to the extreme!!!!

  2. I sure do remember all those things I made as a kid - and cringe and laugh. Some of them were awful, and others plain but unintentionally rude (like the poem I wrote for my older single uncle which said "happy and gay is the way!"). Oh well, it's all part of the learning and I agree that it's about the time taken and not the actual item!

  3. Such yummy pressies Bren! Your Mumma must have absolutely loved them. I made my Dad a chinese checkers set out of clay when I was younger and we still get it out each Christmas for a tournament or two. It's super wonky and pretty fragile now but it's filled to the brim with love and memories. :) x x

  4. My poor parents were the recipients of many a handmade card with obscure gift inside. Somehow I think yours fared much better than mine, Brenda!! x

  5. I am only just getting crafting now mid life (how sad!!) But I am enjoying it tremendously :-) I love your Mum's pressies.

  6. well i've only known you for four years and i have lots of your little hand made treasures so can only imagine how many your folks have !!!!.... and i adore the star xmas decorations x


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