Saturday, December 18

I'm grateful for.....

Oh, it is a joy to feel Grateful.  I'm even grateful that I recognise when I am feeling grateful...does that make sense....anyhoo - grateful that Maxabella Loves decided to create this linky on a Saturday makes me grateful too - so join in and feel the love...

What am I grateful for -

1.  Books - I love books!  I love buying them, i love reading them, i love going to bookshops and i love buying books online (and having them delivered straight to my door without a car parking problem in the world!).   I have a little confession!  I love to read trashy Chick Lit - yep, girl meets boy, love story, twist but happy ending, bargin bin type!  No sad stuff, gory, death, murder, or sci-fi for me.  I love that sometimes I just churn through a book in a few days....such satisfaction!

2. Music - oh what the world would be without music.  If you stopped past this time last week, I was excited about going to the Bon Jovi concert!  Well, he did not disappoint and I can officially say it was the best concert I have ever been to and that Jon Bon Jovi himself is the second* sexiest man on the planet!!  We love music in this house, and it is on far more that the box (which I am also grateful for!)

3.  Trust - On an expedition last weekend to get the kids a real Christmas tree, this mumma bear was without cash at a "cash only" tree buying place.  We had been to several others of this variety and I felt deflated.  The owner told me of an ATM at a near by restaurant, but it was out of order.  I was frustrated, hungry and feed up. I told the owner to take the tree out of the car - I couldn't pay him.
"No problem - you take the tree home, and come back later with the money!"
"huh" was all i could manage.  I didn't think shop owners did Apro anymore (well not in the city!)
Needless to say, I took the tree home feeling elated that there is still complete and utter trust of strangers! Oh and of course I went back and paid him a few ours later!


*I married the sexiest man!

Oh please stop by and check out some other grateful bloggers today!

Happy Grateful Day!


  1. Oh love the love heart, i just did a post about love, love hearts, hand love hearts, ahhhh, happy reading into Summer Brenda, love Posie

  2. Oh, I love all 3 things on your grateful list Mira!
    I can't imagine a world without books & music....which is why I am so very grateful for my sight & hearing!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. All of those things are so important. What a lovely gesture by the tree man. You'd go back there for sure!

  4. That tree-guy was awesome! Such Christmas spirit makes the world go 'round.

    Your husband is the sexiest man in the world... that's lovely that you think that!! x

  5. What an awesome act of trust and Christmas spirit.
    I love the heart image with book pages.

  6. Beautiful phot, it took my a while to recognize that it is a book!

  7. I love the 'trust' story. I've been thinking about kindness lately, and how it can have a flow-on effect. The tree man trusts you, you feel 'elated' and I'm sure your good mood would have rubbed off on the next person you came across that day, and so on. It makes the world go round - I love it!

    Oh, and here in Hobart sending you home with the tree is still the norm. It took me by surprise when we moved here 8 years ago, but I still love the way people say hello when you walk past them in the street!

  8. We are surrounded by pine forests, but no trees for sale!! Just thought I'd love to have that pine tree aroma this year. Love your list of gratefulnesses...and the Christmas tree man...priceless.

  9. You have such a genuine and happy face that I'm sure the man instantly trusted you. You send such positive , joyous energy into the world that it will always come back your way...even at unexpected times! And Mr. Bon Jovi.....HOT!!!!
    p.S. I need your address to send your parcel...have had it all made for ages but totally forgot to send it. SO bazaar but I had it ready for when I see you at Chrissie (so not going to happen but for some reason that's how I thought about it) Only realised I needed to get it to you today!!! SOOOO sorry...will express post tomorrow :) x x

  10. Grateful for music too. I love it when our home is full of music. Grateful too for the kindness of strangers. Merry Christmas.

  11. Lovely tree man. Sometimes people surprise us! And hopefully Santa will remember to give you some chick lit to enjoy over the holiday season. x

  12. i love the christmas tree story. don't experiences like that just lift your spirit! if only they weren't so rare.

  13. I LOVE books! I LOVE Music! And Trust is very important yes. How nice that situation. We had similar on our last holiday where we had a meal and then couldn't pay (AHHH can't give back the food!!!) they were so nice and trusting and we went back the next morning (as soon as they opened! so embarrassed) and paid :-) Oh yeah and I think I married the sexiest man lol


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