Tuesday, August 6

from nature {a giveaway}

It has been known for centuries the healing powers of aromatherapy and the use of natural essential oils on the senses.  For a while now, I have been making a more conscience effort to return to using aromatherapy in my everyday routine.  Something that has been made easier by a wonderful product that I happened to stumble across whilst holding a stall at a local market.  The stall holder next to me was Cara, and her Aroma sticks and rubs have been in use daily since.

The benefits of the Aroma Sticks mean that a little piece of aromatherapy goodness can be with you wherever you go.  The essential oil inhalers come in five different blended scents and are all designed to boost your mood with their healing properties.  Simply remove the lid and inhale the scent!  I have incorporated the lavender inhaler into our nighttime routine, allowing the children to inhale the wonderful properties of lavender and petitgrain which calms the senses, soothes and aids sleep.  I have the Refresh inhaler in my handbag for a quick hit of Lime and Tangerine to aid in reducing anxiety and providing a happy serene stimulus.

When Cara decided to promote her products online we forged our creative talent together and I was given the opportunity to photograph her products, which you can now find in at FarmHouse Direct and at AndAble.

Cara has also given me a selection of her products to one lucky reader as a giveaway!!!

The pack includes:

One each of the five inhalers - Invigorate, Comfort, Refresh, Strength and Ease.
One Aroma Rub - Balance which includes a cream infused with Geranium, Juniper Berry, Grapefruit and Evening primrose oil.

To enter just leave me a  comment!  Giveaway closes Tuesday 13th August at 8pm.  A winner will be selected at random.

Giveaway Closed!  Thankyou to all who entered!  Random winner was comment no 9!  Kymmie you are the winner!  yay!!! 


  1. Oooooh, yes please!!!! Just in time for my birthday!!! ;-)

  2. The photos look awesome well done. The products themselve sound fabulous.

  3. The scents sound divine and i love your photos. I've been drying citrus for firelighters and enjoying the uplifting scent of orange and tangerine. Love the portability of the sticks.

  4. I find the smell of citrus so uplifting, lime and tangerine sounds delicious. I used essential oils some time ago but rarely do these days, the sticks look like a great easy way to enjoy aromatherapy on the go.

  5. These all sound amazing. I'm just imagining inhaling all those beutiful scents and feeling all the better for it.
    Thank you for such a wonderful give-away. x

  6. Brenda those photos are fantastic you must be pleased with your progress. Beautiful products are they a local product?

  7. The photos are georgous Brenda you must be pleased with you progress behind the lens. Beautiful products are they local?

  8. Great photos Brenda!! You clever chick! What a fabulous idea!!! I love essential oils and even rub it on my pillow for a good night's sleep! X

  9. I love these photo's, very pretty and refreshing looking, makes me want to try everything straight away


  10. Oh these look wonderful, I must check them out x x


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