Sunday, November 6

Fancy Pants in full colour

I'm back into the Fancy Pants's been a while and for a moment there I'd forgotten what it was all about - I mean look at that sombre face up there!!! 

But I'm anything but sombre - this dress for instance is just made to make you feel happy.  And not just because of it's brightness and all.  No, not just that.  

And not just because it's super comfy... which it is mind you...stretch t-shirt like top, a little elastic in the waist and gorgeous cotton/sateen skirt with a split at the back for easy strolling.

And it's not because of the price I paid for it either - which I might add was something ridiculous...I mean this little beauty set me back under $20!  Yes, that's right! 

So the reason then???  Well, besides all of those I already mentioned, I'm going to love wearing this new maxi dress because I made it myself.  I eyed off a similar style for some ludicrous price and realised that simply is was a t-shirt top attached to some panels of fabric for the a quick trip to Spotlight and a rummage for a t-shirt that I chopped under the bust and hey-presto!  
A Maxi Dress! I'm sticking to my vow of not buying (or making) anything black/grey or even beige.  This has been in an attempt to add some fun and colour into my wardrobe. 
 I'm loving the big bold colours of this dress, the print and mixing it up with even more colours with added accessories.  Nothing screams summer more than bright colours! 

Do you have a favourite summer colour??   

Joining in with my dear Fancy Pants-er Kymmie 

Dress - made by me
Belt - Sussan
Shoes - Myer
yellow bangle - Diva
Blue necklace - 50c at a garage sale
red bag - Sussan



  1. Just gorgeous! I found myself scrolling down straight away to see where you bought it from so I could dash to the shops and copycat you!!!

  2. Ya look gorgeous in ya fancy maxi, clever Bren. x

  3. STUNNING! I just love that you can make what I usually pay more than I should for! So wishing I had your creative skills!

    That maxi dress is STUNNING on you, and I love that colour. You do bright colours perfectly.

    Welcome back to the Fancy Pants! You were made for it! xx

  4. you look gorgeous! i am loving yellow this summer!! x

  5. i love the dress and i picked up and tried on that red bag last week at our local sussan !!


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