Monday, November 7

so five minutes ago....

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I'm just wondering when did we go from replacing items to up-grading them?

Ok, so I'm considered gen Y and really should happy for the whole updgrading phenomenon, but you know what, I'm really not all that good at it.   Especially when it comes to technology and appliances.

I realised this when I finally upgraded my washing machine, even though my old one was still chugging along....slowly, and annoyingly, but it still worked and I felt insanely guilty at buying a replacement before it's predecessor had runs it's course.  As I was talking with the salesman, he nearly fell over when I explained that my old washing machine was the manual turn style dial.  I was equally dumbfounded when I was then informed that they haven't made manual washing machines for ages.  Oh dear.  Now my new washer looks as though it's fit to take me to the moon!

But, I'm like this in many areas.  I waited till my hairdryer literally fizzled out and didn't work, and that morning I drove to the shops (sopping wet hair) and snapped up a new one.   My kettle lid refused to open one day, and for the next year I just stuck the nozzle under the tap to fill it up.  Now my newbie kettle is so whisper quiet I forget I've turned it on!   Our television blew up before we even thought of getting a fancy pants flat see where I'm going with this....

Maybe it's because things just don't last like they should so I tend to squeeze as much as I can out of them.  I mean, you buy a computer and you need to get it upgraded or buy a new one the minute you've walked out the door because something better has come along.  Appliances barely make their guarantee period before they show signs of waning.   You wont see our kids taking the old fridge to their first flat when they move out - oh no...we'll be lining up with them to purchase yet another one.

So when did we go from up-grading instead of repairing?  And with so many appliances these days, which ones do we really need.  There seems to be something for everything.  We work harder to buy these items to make our life easier, but does it really...because we're so busy working to buy the next one?  hmmmm?

Do you replace or up-grade?
Do you have an old appliance that you love to bits and hate to think you might have to replace it?
Do share....



  1. I couldn't agree with you more Brenda! I'm a Gen Xer, I feel the same way!

    We tend to try and recycle wherever possible, and we still have my manual dial washing machine (there, does that make you feel better!) In fact, it had issues with it not long ago and I did all my research to purchase a new one (quite grudgingly), but we discovered that the problem was fixable (and it cost just $70!). I was so glad, because not only did we keep it, it cost us about 70% less than buying a newie!

    My friends tease me for putting up with things that don't work properly for the sake of not buying another. I'm quite proud of my frugality!


  2. I'm a Gen Y'er too But I'm the same. I don'tlieto replace something until it's well & truely had it! I think it's the European(& really, I write European so I don't offend anyone, but I call myself the 'W' word!)thing. my parents always always fixed things first & only replaced something if there was no chance of reviving it! It really kills me when my 5 year old breaks something & she says, 'it doesn't matter, just buy a new one!' I 'm always explaining why it does matter & how you an't(but I guess you can!) just buy a new one! xx

  3. We generally replace rather than upgrade when it comes to appliances. Oh, and I have a manual turn washing machine that is only 6 years old, so that must have stopped making them more recently than that:)

    In terms of replacing, we actually have a dishwasher that needs repair and we are just going to put it on freecycle because for the last 18 months we have just washed up by hand and have found that fine:)

  4. I think we are basically pretty frugal around here too. The only things we upgraded when they still worked were our old desktop computer and the tv. I still feel guilty on both counts! I don't know how people do it, I can't even manage it with furniture (as much as I'd love to be able to)! x

  5. I'm still watching the television that we bought whe we got married in 1995, along with the vidoe player that we bought at the same time. Since DVD's became popular, we have replaced two of those machines and the latest replacement doesn't play in colour!


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