Friday, November 4

I'm grateful for {the right attitude}


I'm hoping that today I get to enjoy the sunshine, play with the kids and get some much needed crafty projects ticked off the list.  A plan for a good day.  But first, I need to be grateful, because it's been a bit hectic around here.  We've done some travelling and both hubby and I have been ships in the night no really kicking back and doing quality time stuff due to working, attending meeting, volunteering, and general stuff that life throws at you....

So, joining in with the ever so happy Bron from Maxabella Loves....

I'm grateful for...

1. The right attitude - because really, the right one can get you going, moving forward and see you through to the end.  The wrong one can just make one hellava mess even messer.  I'm really grateful that most of the time, my attitude is what can get me through....

2. Volunteers - when I signed up last year as President of the Kinder Committee I least expected to be recruiting for a new Kinder Teacher.  I've been thrown in head first with HR, advertising, resume reading, and the like, so ...I love my little gang of volunteers that are sticking with me to the end!

3. Priorities - when life gets busy, and things have to get shifted - it's time to rearrange those priorities.   Take care of your loved ones and yourself so you can all take care of the rest.

Grateful for something???  Join in here....



  1. I never realised that Kinder committees were responsible for recruitment - that's a big job!

    Hope you get to have a break soon (my DH and I have been like 'ships in the night' lately as well, it's hard work).

  2. Wise words, Bren. I can't imagine having to recruit for a teacher so good luck with that! I've always been impressed that you stepped up to be the leader and now even more so! x

  3. Stopping for a spot of 'grateful' in the midst of 'hectic' is so good for the soul.
    Attitude is everything, isn't it?

  4. Kinder president - you brave girl! hope things settle down soon. I'm with you on the attitude - makes such a big difference!

  5. good on you mrs president!! hope you find the perfect teacher xx

  6. Kinder president is a big job! So proud of you, and know you will pick the right one (you have a vested interest in ensuring it!)

    The right attitude sure does help. In everything!

    Happy Grateful Day beautiful!



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