Saturday, November 26

the rain in spain......

Do your kids make up words?  Or try really really hard to pronounce words and still don't quite get there.

Well, lately I've been catching myself out using my kids words instead of the Proper English.

Oh dear.  Not a good teacher am I?

I play along, as their little language can be so damn cute, funny and entertaining that sometimes I think I prefer their words to proper English.  That, and it makes them laugh.

Take my son - inventor of new words, and lately when it's "time to go"  I find myself yelling out "let's gok"  as that is what he made up! But it doesn't stop there.....

When it's time for "breakfast" - it so much cuter when my daughter asks for "bwekfrast"
Which is then followed up by a request for a "bay-chee" rather than the usual "baby cino"
There is "drunkfood" instead of "junkfood", which i think is just hilarious
or "wallpaper" vs "toilet paper" (but, it is on the wall mummy!)
Even the italian word for cheese "formagio" has been hijacked and re-arranged into "bobbagino" - dont even ask!
The "tee-pee" has been renamed the "tee-pit" as I can't be bothered correcting that one....
then there is "spell" for "smell"
and my favourite at the moment would be my daughters name for the humble "tracksuit"....."suit-jacks"

Do you correct your children's pronunciations?  What cute words have they come up with??

Or do you play along like I do?

Hmmm.... time to get into action and find my inner Mr Higgins......

   "The rain in spain falls mainly on the plane" (REPEAT!)


  1. Cute :)

    My Mr 6 1/2 is currently saying egg-least instead of at least.... "Well egg-least it was only a little bit Mum"

  2. Those are hilarious! I find myself using the kids terminology often as well. I still use some of the things that Goose used to say when she was little and no longer says at the age of almost 8! After a while it just becomes part of common usage for the whole family. My favourite of hers was having a "passion farade" for a fashion parade.

  3. We had 'toe-food'(tofu) for dinner tonight and instead of okey-dokey we have onkey donkey... it is very catching!

  4. Apparently I used to mis-pronounce "truck" when I was 2 - I used to say "fruck". The mental image of heads turning faster than superman always appears when i think about that one...

    My own kids have come up with a few clangers. The latest favourite is my 3 year olds substitute for "breakfast" which comes out as "butt off".

    And what's funny is that he often likes to have a mouthful of my brekky when I'm eating it, which is usually after he has eaten his. So he casually strolls up to me and asks innocently: "Daddy, can I eat your buttoff???"

  5. Wallpaper cracked me right up!! And I'd love to be wearing my suit jack right about now. Heh, heh.

    Badoo says Rs as Ws too. I know I should or correct her but it's too darn cute! And Cappers is our 'random words' queen. We sit in the mittle of the geradah and drink choke and whinge (wine - how funny is that!?) Plus she calls her feet her 'hoofs' and walks on the hoofpath. I can't stand the cuteness!!! x

  6. It's funny, I have just been thinking about this. My little guy is turning 2 this week and his vocab is expanding by the minute. I actually get a little bit sad when he starts to pronounce a word correctly because I know it means he's growing up, and far too quickly for my liking! He used to say his cousin Anna's name with a rolling of the tongue so it came out more like, Anlala, super cute, but this week she's just plain "Anna" and I miss the mispronunciation already. I think I'll be calling milk "num" and bunnies "ninga-ningas" for years after he's stopped doing it, because it is so darn adorable.


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