Friday, November 11

I'm grateful for....{a little imagination}

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Ahhhhh....i could not sigh more deeply that the end of the week is here. It's been a long grueling week, and I'm totally up for some fun weekend action.

Today I'm grateful for....

1. Great outcomes - After weeks of recruitment, interviewing and discussing late into the night - it finally ended. I was over the moon yesterday when our favourite applicant accepted the Teachers job at my kids Kinder. The enormous amount of responsibility I felt along with my other parent helpers was getting overwhelming but I'm so relieved to have a great outcome. I love our community run kinder, and I'm a little excited as the new teacher has a little touch of Mary Poppins about her!

2. Challenges - I'm usually, mostly, or even sometimes up for a challenge. I think they are good for the soul, and make us stronger. I've learnt things I never thought I would need to know going through this whole recruitment process that I have a deeper appreciation of what amazing, special people Early Childhood Teachers are.

3. Sense of community - It's wonderful when you work towards an outcome or the greater good of your local community. Even though I live in a city, I appreciate and am grateful for those that look in their own backyard first and make that a better place.

Happy grateful to all of you! If you are grateful, stop by with this lovely lady and share with us!



  1. No need to comment this time Brenda I think you have said it all!

  2. Gorgeous post!! My son had an amazing preschool teacher in his final year (4 year old preschool) & still talks about her. She was petit & i love that she was on their level (physically & her soul dedication). Her sister works at the Defence Community Organisation & i sat next to her at a Remembrance Day ceremony at my eldest daughter's ladies college. I said "oh, your sister taught my son 4 years ago, she was so special & truly beautiful with him" & she burst into tears saying how dedicated her sister is as an early learning teacher & how touched she'd be to hear that. So it's not just knowing them, it's TELLING them too. Truly, if these teachers were interested in money, they would not be teaching!! Love Posie

  3. Blogger ate my comment, again! I'm glad to hear you found an applicant that ticked all the boxes - it must be a relief.

  4. That is great news - recruiting the right person for a kinder is such a huge responsibility, and as a parent, I know how much it matters to get it right. I was committee president when my daughter was in kinder, and we had one of 'those' years where lots needed doing, including recruiting a new teacher too, but it was fantastic to be part of a wonderful group of parents who really had the right heart motivation. Take care x

  5. I just read your quote of "I appreciate and am grateful for those that look in their own backyard first and make that a better place." Living in a small country town, I am extremely grateful to all those that contribute their time and effort to make this a nice place to live!


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