Tuesday, November 8

the old fashion pinterest

Before Pinterest there was this.

Good old fashion scrap books.  I had heaps of scrapbooks when I was a kid.  I would cut out inspirational pictures, fashion shots, favourite celebrities and diliegently paste them in my books.   I would even attempt at drawing some designs (although not very good).....but at least it gave me the creativity I needed and help me realise my love for sewing and craft.

When a lovely lady gifted these to me for my birthday this year, I fell in love with scrap booking, doodling, and note-taking all again.  And who wouldn't?  Three gorgeous art books, all covered in the most beautiful fabrics....

...and with perfectly embroidered titles on them, I can ensure that all of my dreams, inspiration and ideas are safely recorded and never far away should I need reminding.

Now, I'm off for a cuppa and some old fashion pinning



  1. ooooo, love, love, love.

    Those books are beautiful. And I certainly envy the embroidery on them. It's perfect!

  2. These are gorgeous Brenda and so beautifully made. It's been a while since I've done cutting and gluing but I think it's nice to have something in front of you look at and turn the pages of. Enjoy your pinning. x

  3. Gorgeous! I also like the old fashioned notes and scrapbooks, feels more real!

  4. Oh they are divine
    But pinning is so much easier!


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