Sunday, April 11

Mira Narnie @ the North Melbourne Market

I did it!  I had my very first stall at a market - something I have been wanting to do for a very long time.  The experience was great as I set off early in the morning and picked up my good friend Sarah for help and support.  We arrived at the Lithuaniun Club with a boot full of goodies and props to help display the items and set about trying to achieve a visually appealing stall.  I was amazed at all the other talented stall holders and the array of products and items offered for sale.  Luckily I only allowed myself a quick browse at the other stalls otherwise I could have spent a small fortune.  It was delightful to meet Lauralai who was in the stall next to me and sells beautiful children's and baby wear.  I also met Jessica from Truth Be Told who sells adorable illustrations and stationary and enjoyed stopping by The Rabbit and the Duck to see their gorgeous items!  

I only took a few photos of my stall and even these turned about a bit blurry.  It was a fun day and thank you to all of you that stopped by my store and made some purchases!


  1. Well done, Brenda! I have the same dream like yours too! Glad that you have achieved yours, finally! :)

    I just realized you have my blog under your blog list. Just a friendly note to you..I have changed my domain name to :)

    Have a lovely evening!

    Irene X

  2. Congratulations on making it through your first stall : ) And thanks for the blog mention : ) I'm sure we'll bump into each other around the market circuit!

  3. looks super cute honey, cant wait to hear all about it x

  4. Thanks Irene - have changed your web details and hope that you make it to a Market soon!


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