Sunday, April 18

flea market finds

I set out this morning to do a bit of garage-sale hopping in the hope to find some props that I can use in my up coming markets but instead was getting disappointed as i left each one empty handed.  I had one more left on my list and I contemplated not going and heading home, but I went and at first I didn't notice the two of them just sitting there, and they were piled with toys, pillows and a very pregnant owner sitting on one.  She got up to assist someone else with a sale and I had a closer look.  I took a seat (oh how comfortable).  I quickly looked for a price - nothing, so I casually walked over to very pregnant lady.
"How much are you selling those chairs for?" (i bet they are over my budget)
"Um...$15 each"
(me squealling on the inside - calm down - poker face!)
"Oh, i see"  I say glancing back over pretending to contemplating whether they are worth that much!
"I'll give you $20 for both" I say, toddler on hip.
"Oh I don't know.."
"$25 then."

 They are beautiful and with a bit of sprucing up with a clean and some new cushion covers they will come up a treat!  There is no original label so I don't know what year or who made them but they are sturdy, comfy and all the springs are still in great condition. Very Danish Parker style, which will go nicely with my dining room Eiffel chairs.  I can use the existing covers as a pattern for the new ones - now i just have to decide what fabric!  Probably something from Ink and Spindle that will match my new couch cushions i made yesterday! check out the perhaps original fabric used when I took of the current cover!

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  1. Great find Brenda!
    They look similar to a chair we inherited from my grandfather. Do they tilt back when you lean back in them??

  2. I really really like them. Some oil, and that wood will be so beautiful!

  3. Nice find! Look forward to seeing them finished.

  4. yes will post updates as i work on bringing them back to their former glory! Jennie - the chairs don't tilt back but the springs in the bottom and the back allow for just a little bit of give making them super comfy! Nice to hear you have some special chairs that have been passed down the family!

  5. Love you finds! And love your bargaining. I'm no good at it...too chicken I guess:)

  6. Great chairs! What a bargain! Well done and thanks so much for playing along.
    Sophie x


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