Monday, April 12

at my house .....

Monday's is a busy son has Kinder first thing in the morning and then me and my daughter (20 months) set off for her swimming lesson.  Its fun to do something just with her, and although she protested when it was time to float on her back, the one on one time is precious. Today was a cold Melbourne morning, so as we got out of the pool the teeth were chattering and we were glad to hit the hot shower.

What are you up to today?  Join in with Buttons by lou lou to see what everyone else was up to.


  1. Sounds like a busy but nice morning. My kids love swimming as well. It really was cold this morning in Melbourne. Quite a shock to the system. Thanks for joining in today. Lou.

  2. aww how sweet! i used to love swimming as a kid. and today was so so cold i was dreaming of all things warm all day!
    and it was great to meet you too, hopefully catch you at the next market


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