Tuesday, April 13


Now that my crazy market preparation nights are over....phew....i can get back to some old unfinished projects like my daughters quilt and a my crochet winter blanket.  But I am also looking forward to making a crochet cushion for my dear friend over at pod and three peas for her upcoming birthday.  So, as a beginner crocheter I have been looking around for inspiration. Here are some of the cushions I love.  I know that I will have to stick to the basic granny square pattern, but haven't yet decided on colours and whether to do one big squre or create a patchwork look.  What do you think??

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  1. Well I just thought I'd pop over and see what you are up to today and look what I find !!!!!!!!!! you are a doll, as you know i love a bit of 70's retro oranges, browns, creams and mustards, but I also love the colours you are using for your little lap blanket...oh and i love the big red one too... so not much help really :)


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