Monday, April 26

At my house .....

Today was spent travelling home from a weekend in North East Country Victoria.  It was lovely to pop into a cute little fabric shop - Sackville and Lane - for some more gorgeous fabric.  This was prior to spending 12 hours in emergency department with my 20 month old daughter with a suspected fracture in her leg - luckily no fracture, but it has been a long, long weekend and we are finally home and I am unpacking and was just delighted when I remembered my little fabric purchase!

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  1. Fabric is lovely...but oh what a day. You poor things!! Enjoy your week wherever it takes you :)

  2. Goodness, what a weekend. I'm glad your fabric brought a smile to your face. Fabric often does though doesn't it? Hope your little girl is ok even though there was no fracture.

    Thanks for joining in again, Lou.

  3. emergency departments with kids are never fun - glad all was ok!

  4. Oh lucky you being able to go into a fabric shop!! Hope the new purchases helped ease the pain of the hospital visit :)


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